Sunday, January 20, 2013

If There is Any Doubt Left, Know that I Am Writing This Without Any Pants On

It is the future, and I'm finally able to make a post on Blogger; but wherefore art thou, point....  Like Ondaatje's version of Caravaggio, I've got mad skillz but no reason to twiddle my thumbs as my 360 is broken, leaving me to abandon hope of naming my squad after my family in XCOM and writing my own ending to "Bus Uncle" in Sleeping Dogs.

The persona "lasttoblame" pretty much stopped with this blog when I wasn't able to make posts to Blogger from beyond the Great Firewall, so then the persona "terroir" took over, and as its the bright future and we're all wearing shades, "terroir" has a new website to glean on you:  Sinopathic.

"terroir" writes about the pride and exoticism that prevails in an air of cross-cultural misunderstandings between China and the West, and there's honestly no end to content to provide for it.  While I'd love to write about video games again, I'd like to write about China while I slowly pony up the change to get a PS3 before the next gen comes out.

See ya over there.