Monday, March 23, 2009

A Start to Articulation

Damn, I thought I was special, I thought I was different from everybody else. Not anymore-now I have a blog.

As it's the first post, who's to say how dilligent I'll be with this? My Myspace page has really all but dried up. Facebook is cool, but I find it quite a drain on my time (why won't my friends just shut up?). Furthermore, on Facebook I don't get a chance to talk about what I really want to talk about... games. This is exclusively a blog devoted to video games, and my many nefarious thoughts concerning such. Which will be many, as I have a few which I hope to publish here.

First off, why video games? For something that many would see as a toy and for others at best a hobby, why talk about something as trivial as video games? After all, there are many important issues worth discussing affecting the world at large, and video games just aren't that important in the long run. They're entertainment, they're a distraction, they're something just for fun.

True. I won't buttress the importance of video games against things that really do matter (no examples needed for clarification; just about everything is more important than video games). However, I am moved to blog about video games because I disagree with just about everything that concerns video games.

Video game journalism is non-existent or populated with shills. Video game reviews have no original thought or discussion. Casual gaming is ruining video games, as are the trend towards having easier and easier games. Video games are art, but are the lowest form of art on the planet. Online gaming is a fundamentally flawed experience that will only become more popular in time. Video games are incapable of telling a good story. Video gamers are the reason video games can't improve and become something better than what they are now.

Now, those are a couple of things I wanted to get off my chest. I suppose I have some explaining to do.. well, I guess I better start posting.

One last thing: about the name. I signed up to a video game database and used the name lasttoblame, and I just like it. It doesn't mean at all that I am the last person to blame others; instead, I always consider it to mean that you should consider me the last person you should blame. Sure, it's a simple twist, now that you've got it we're both on the right track..

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