Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The view from atop this soapbox isn't that great...

I just finished my "video game reviews are terrible" piece, and looking at it I'll admit it's very long. I could be outside running in the breeze, careless; but no, I'm inside tapping away at a keyboard trying to articulate myself.

I'll try to be more concise; my editor is out on vacation right now. I will say I've written elsewhere, made reviews and made posts on forums only to be labelled as "long-winded".

I don't think someone who plays video games frequently would ever be confused with being overly literate, but these essays of mine definitely aren't short. However, if I'm writing about it, then you can be sure that I'm saying it for a reason; it's all part of the arguement. I'll admit it; I think in essay form. I have an opinion, a thesis, something I want to prove; I'll back it up with other opinions and examples. I may segue into other topics, perhaps, but it would be for a reason.

I don't believe in an essay (a piece of writing in which you try to persuade others to your own opinion, and not just something you stay all night doing just to get a C) you should leave anything out. You take the pros, the cons, and piece everything together to try to make your argument airtight. It's a self-contained piece that should explain everything at once. Therefore, if you can fit everything you need to say into a 400 word essay, well then you are a masterful essayist.

However, I have some controversial opinions that I don't think I can explain so quickly. I think opinions like "video game reviews are terrible" or "Resident Evil 5 is racist" should be fully explored and have everything that needs to be said of them to be said.

Brevity is the soul of wit. The short attention span of netizens requires any and all information to be in short, manageable, consumable chunks. Sure, but I think I have something to say, something that hasn't been heard before, something worth saying. I hope you'll hear me out.

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